GPR vs. SCOTTS stabilizer

I desert race and GP race. Have a '99 400 set up for the desert and a '01 426 set up for GPs and an occassional MX. Just put a GPR stabilizer on my 400. I swear I became instantly faster. At the Parker 200 I started in the last "pill" in my class and passed my entire class in less than 6 miles, only to succumb to a pinch flat and had to watch every racer pass me as I limped about 25 miles w/ a flat front. I am going to put a stabilizer on my 426 and wonder if the extra cost of the SCOTTS is worth it. The GPR seems to do a pretty good job. Has anyone compared the two?



Since nobody has responded I might as well relay some second hand information.

The source? A guy I went to HS with, he now lives in PHX and races Baja and the Whiplash series on an XR 650. Also ran the Baja 2000 using a GPR for the first time, I believe a sponsor (XRs only maybe?) gave it to him for Baja, but he had run Scott’s for several years before that.

Anyway, I asked him about it and, in his opinion, there is no difference in performance. He did prefer the Scott’s mounting kit to the GPR but I think XRs only was going to make him a better one so he could run different clamps with a different bar position.

I’m assuming you are happy with the mounting setup on your YZ? Why not just buy another kit and run the same unit on both bikes?

Ever run mousse inserts? I’ve ruined a few rims in races and was wondering how the foam things made your bike handle. Surprisingly I couldn’t find anybody who’s tried them, I’ve read a few articles describing in graphic detail how to mount them but they never mention how they ride. An extra set of wheels with inserts for dez racing would be the hot setup, wouldn’t it? (Especially for me, since stolen ones are the only ones I could afford to buy).

I race desert in the amature class and put a scotts on my bike. It hardly ever shakes and made me more confident, but I have never tried as GPR.

Good luck in your races.

I have a scotts leftover from my RM (Boy did it need one) I was going to sell it but you guys make me want to put it on my 426.

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