Blocked AP nozzle

Hay still haleav trouble with my 98 wr400 took it for a ride today went around the block and on three occasions it went fine for a bit than started to choke and then started popping than dies, leave it for two min fire it back up and same thing all jets seem clear but i got no fuel getting from AP pump to the AP nozzle in behind the throttle slide. How can i clean this out tryed a small needle in the nozzle but i cant get up all the way from the pump side there is a 45deg bend ??????:bonk:

Use a piece of nylon (not steel) guitar string or fishing line.

Some have use a small syringe filled with solvent to pressurize the nozzle and blow the debris out. Wear safety glasses.

Thanks will give it a go..

Great worked a treat thakns. Had trouble getting it to squirt had to join the black plastic arm to the metal forked linkage bit with an o ring to get it to pull together, goes great pulls hard down low. Not sure if im missing some thing from the linkage any one have a 98 wr400 pic??:D:bonk::foul:

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