2006 YZ450F jetting help

I need some help with jetting my 2006 YZ450f. I live in Utah and ride mainly at 5000 to 6000 feet. I'm running White Brothers head back exhaust. Need to know what main, pilot, and how many turns out on fuel screw. Any help would be great.

Okay, went from a 170 mj, 48 pj, and 2.25 on fuel screw to 168 mj, left pj, and went to 1.5 on fuel screw bike bogged out when going from on the throttle to off to back on. I'm going to try going back to original jetting except for the fuel screw leaving it at 1.5 and changing from the tusk screw to the R&D fuel screw to see how that runs. Will post results from that test.

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