WR400 vapor speed sensor location

You can also mout the speed sensor on the inside edge of the frork gaurd insted of pulling off the calliper and drilling holes in it. works on 98 possible for all models. Also does any one know the best way to get the tacho to get correct reading not sure on the setting either, puzzled:banghead:

If you didn't get the instructions with the Trail Tech computer, check with their website or contact them via phone. They ship here to the US, free, wouldn't guarantee if they do it down under. There is a whole procedure you have to go through, determine wheel size, enter it, then confirm by riding a known distance. You can also confirm your speed by comparing to a GPS unit as well. I can tell you this if you don't mount the pickup correctly you'll end up with erroneous odo and speedo readings. Great product and a great company to deal with.

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