I put the 13 front tooth that you guys said to put on and it worked really good. I hear of a lot of people putting flywheel weights on their bikes. What exactly will this do to your bike. More torque?


I put a 14oz flywheel weight on my 00 and it helps make the starting a lot easier and also prevents stalling. I also went with a 13 tooth countershaft sproket and love this combo. I race hare scrambles, but also found this combo works really good for me on MX tracks. It seemed to put the bike in a more usable power range for me. Down here in Tx, by San Antonio there is this killer track called VP (they are going to have a 4-stroke national there this summer). It's VP fuel's test track. Anyway there are some really big jumps/jump combos that I had a hard time doing with the stock gearing. With the new gearing and flywheel I now jump everything on the track including a big uphill double step-up, triple double combo, and an 80' double in the back. Not too bad for some off road guy.

I also saw that Garret and someone else from the Houston area might want to try a hare scramble. Come on out, you will have a blast and meet some terrific people. It's by far the best series in the state. Just ask SUnruh.


John E. Walker


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