WR400 5th Gear into YZ426?

I just purchased (on the VERY cheap) a 2000 WR400 w/ a titled frame. However it has a blown motor (valve/piston impact). I'm sure the gears are still good (crank maybe not). I dont ride the YZ426 as much as I like anymore and instead of selling it an making next to nothing for a mint bike, I would like to swap the 426 motor into the WR frame, but the gearing is great for supermoto, but poor for street use. So that leads me to my question:

With the WR having a higher 5th than the YZ, could I pull the WR 5th out and put it into the YZ? Im sure I can get it done, but not sure if it would work. This will allow me to have a good usable 1st-4th, with a kind of overdrive for 5th (chugging on the street). Im going to save this for a winter project, but I wanted to see if anyone has done/tried this and see how successful they were at doing this swap.

Thanks in advance,


I haven't personally done this (mixing gear sets), but it should be possible. The question will be how well the locking lugs on the YZ 3rd pinion gear (pinions are on the main shaft) match up to the WR 5th pinion, as that is what engages 5th.

The whole WR trans will of course bolt right in as a complete set.

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