Question about EFI maps


These are the settings from the article, which means I now need to find the original source for all maps I have programmed in to make sure I got it right..


Please add throttle openings to maps so we dont program things upside down


Can someone please explain. I borrowed a tuner and put the map in that gave less low bark and more top end. Tuner read map 5 when i set it. Am I correct? I tuned as the #'s were listed, in the same order. This post seems to turn/flip the list in a different order????????????

Except for the maps posted by Skotten, all of them that I have seen have been oriented the same as the tuner screen; highest throttle openings on the top row, lowest on the bottom. Skotten's are the only two I've seen written the other way around.

Unless some person has taken the tuner out of the box before you got it, there are no maps stored in it at all when it's new. The first one you save will be your map #1, and it will ID the subsequent maps in order likewise. If yours came pre-loaded, there's no telling what "map #5" would be except to read it, as far as I know.


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