Need feedback on WR450 and Powernow

I've read that some folks are using the Powernow device to cure off idle bog issues. Thinking about ordering one myself, but would like some feedback. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Please include jetting and intake exhaust mods as well so I can try and compare apples to apples. :)

Get It!

Worth the $100.00

The yz cam helped my bogging problem immensely. It made it a little harder to start with the button though. My bike is a pretty rippin' machine now! :)


I installed one a month ago and honestly, I didn't really notice that much of a difference in performance. My buddy with a 426 swears by his and that's why I opted to get one. I don't have a bog off idle problem with this bike (like I had with my 426) and I think in my situation, the $100 would have been better spent on something else.


What's your jetting look like? Did you rejet after installing the powernow? How about air box? Is it stock? What elevation do you ride?




What's your jetting look like? Did you rejet after installing the powernow? How about air box? Is it stock? What elevation do you ride?



I have removed the snorkel in the airbox and have installed a PMB quiet insert into the stock muffler. I rejetted again after installing the PMB but not after the powernow. I'm at 2700 feet but I frequently ride at elevations between 2700 and 8000 feet. My current jetting is 42 pilot, stock needle in the 3rd position and 155 main. Basically, I'm back to the stock jetting except for the main.

Listening to my buddies hipe up the powernow they really had me convinced. My bike runs so strong and has a ton of bottom end that I really haven't noticed much improvement (if any) after installing the power now. The performance I get out of this bike gives me confidence I'm very close on the jetting. I believe some people will see (and have seen) noticeable improvement in performance with the powernow. I may remove it for my next ride and see if I notice a decrease in performance.

Hey Dave- You should try out the yz ncvq needle on clip 3 or 4. Also the stock pilot is a 45.

You're right about the pilot. I'm constantly telling people 42 instead of 45 (I'm a dork, sometimes!) :)

Is the ncvq needle the stock yz needle?


You'll see from my signature, I'm also running the NCVQ needle which must be the stock YZ needle since that's what I requested from my local dealer. I've been playing around with the needle and main to try and rid bike of the off idle bog but no luck. I pulled the plug and it's way black now so I'm going back to the stock needle for now. If you're happy with the way your bike's running, I wouldn't change a thing. I do think I'll order the euro spec needle next. Thanks for the feedback - Greg :)

Gloft, I use it on my YZF450 & have notice good results.(not huge but throttle response is better & power out of corners is enhanced -MotoX only) My jetting is stock. I will try moving to the 3rd clip. I am also going to try the new TwinAir kit with the screenless cage & fireresistant filter. I expect this will add more air flow increasing the performance the powernow offers. :)

I fell for the hype and bought the Powernow hopefully to give the low-end some inprovement, to no avail. I didnt think it was worth the $100.00 spent.It did help response but not where needed.

You can read my specs below but the power now was a worth while investment. It does not offer a huge power increase but it does clean up the bottom and smooth the transistion to the mid range. The bike also seems to pull better off the bottom. You will find that jetting makes all the difference in how this works. I had to lean my bike out to get the improvements I was looking for. Hope this helps. :)

Ok, I am stupid... What is a powernow? Sounds like something I would like :)

Ok, I am stupid... What is a powernow?

Here's their website. It will tell you everything you want to know about it. :)

I keep looking for a dyno test on the powernow. They must have got enough sales that they don't need one to prove the product. It is a nice ad.

Ok, I am stupid... What is a powernow?

It's a $5 dollar part that sells for $99. Extremely overpriced IMO, so I guess I need to get one...

Do a search on James Now and build your own. I did this and noticed an improvement with cleaning up the bottom end.... Do this and go spend the $100 bucks somewhere else.


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