08 450 GYTR flywheel weight?

I want to buy one of the Yamaha 9.21 Oz flywheel weights you guys all rave about...where can I order one online, and have it shipped to Canada? I went to the GYTR site, but it just has a "wishlist" and no way to order it?! Can anyone help a brother out...

You can order it from any Yamaha dealer. You might also want to try TT OEM Parts. Call and ask for PN GYT-2S297-50-50

i ordered mine from yamaha of troy.9.21 oz fww.98$.they were the only ones to have it in stock,i got my fww tool fromrocky mtn,a tusk 15$.

Cool, thanks guys. I just have to make sure I can get it shipped to Canada, and that it doesn't cost an arm and leg to do so.

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