2007 Wr 450 Free mods What will work on the 07?

Hey guys I just got a 2007 wr450 and it has a switch on it to change maps so I have the grey wire mod,My question is what other free mods can I do,I already read the stickys and the FAQ site but its info on older bikes,will the same mods work?


Acv block off (can i just flip the diphram over ditch the spring then rejet?)

Throttle stop(does the 2007 have this?)

Lowedog/Thumpertalk AIS kit (where can I get one?)

yfz Header pipe ( I already have a fmf slip on?)

Yfzexhaust Cam(Because you cant just rotate the cam like the quad right!?)

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I forgot one qestion will a yzf 450 stage 1 exhaust cam work? If so I wont buy a stocker.

Will a fmf powerbomb header for a yzf fit the bike? If so ill get one of these not a stocker

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