moving to a KDX200 - CRAZY????

How hard is it to plate a WR in Alabama. Your could gear the 450 to the moon and use it a commuter!:smirk: Maybe make your money back on fuel costs?

That would be awesome. If what you do is tight woods the KDX is a good choice. I ride various places and it's hard to do really steep sandy desert climbs on a KDX or even a 250 YZ. A 450 is the minimum for some of that stuff.

Well, I guess I WILL have both bikes until someone wants my WR more than I do. Good for me.....Seriously, though, I really need to sell it. I bought the KDX expecting to have the sale of the WR more than pay for it. The things you guys mentioned where the WR excels are correct, but I have to sell it when the eventual buyer comes along.

I'll give you a $1000 + shipping to Oregon! :smirk:

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