Did anyone make it to Widowmaker here in Utah this past weekend? Just curious on if we got any big names to show and how the attendance was. For those that may not know they are trying to revive the Widowmaker at a new location here in Utah and bring back the old memories from the 70's and 80's.

Look forward to any replies :)

I wanted to go, but chose to go riding instead. I'll take riding over anything. :)

I had hoped to make it down there but it was my wife's birthday and you know how that goes... :)

I did make it to round 7 of the 4 Sroke Nationals here in Boise Sunday. Nothing like hearing 40 screaming thumpers as they leave the starting line!

I rode with 11 others on sportbikes Sunday. We did 252 miles. We rode to Evanston and stopped in Croydon (SP?) on the way back to sample some of the Widowmaker festivities. The 800 foot hill was gnarly man. On my WR 426 I probably would have only made it to the 150 foot mark.

I did read the a local rider from farmington was the only one to make it to the top.

Here is a link WidowMaker


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