kick start assemly problem

I was at the track yesterday and noticed that my kick start wasn't flying back into place after starting my 06 yz 450f. I took my kick start arm off by unscrewing its main bolt (Phillips head) and pulling it off so as to lubricate it. My problem is that a ball bearing fell out when I pulled off the kick start arm. I think I know where the ball bearing goes, but I can't put the kick start arm back on with the ball bearing in place. When I went to my manual, it overlooked this. Can anyone share information on how to get my kick start arm back on?

did the same thing to my 08, bearing fell out when i was going to grease it. i just put some grease on bearing and then stuck it the hole it resides in on the back of the kickstart shaft the grease held it there while i slid the kickstarter shaft back on.

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