Finally an Affordable Auto Clutch! - Rekluse Trail

You spoke and Rekluse listened. Rekluse has brought out a new product called the "Trail". It's the auto clutch for everyone else out there. You get a great price, all the great feature's you need, Rekluse rock solid reputation and their guarantee, you just can't lose.

Right now this is a pre-order opportunity as they are rolling out with these in the coming weeks. We are offering them at the lowest price we can advertise them at and orders will be fulfilled by Rekluse as they are received so order now to get a good spot in the line!

To order, just choose your bike from the drop down menu:

I talked to Rekluse and they said that with the Trail you lose a friction plate so the engagement is softer vs the Pro. It doesn't have that hard hit. You can adjust the engagement point but there is a little more slip than the Core EXP/Pro. You can find that you might wear frictions faster if you are very aggressive. Stiffer springs are included to handle the big bike torque so they have you covered there.

It uses 6 bronze or steel "weights" on a ramp system, so when the rpms gain, they expand the unit. It goes in the middle of the clutch pack. Its an EXP without the pressure plate and hub basically.

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