Suspension Linkage repair/replace

Decided to lube the bearings in the rear suspension linkage on my 05 WR450. Evidently this had never been done by the previous owner, because there was almost as much rust as grease. Particularly bad was the one forward one. I think the one the shock mounts in. This is not a fun job, because I did it on the 07 WR250 I have. When I did this I was surprised to see that the bearing pins are loose and not caged. I'm sure they should be replaced, but think I'll wait till end of the season to do this. I guess the question is how best to do this? I'm sure the link should be heated in an oven so that the bearings will slide in easier, possibly the bearings should be left in the freezer overnight. If you have done this and have any recommendations I'd appreciate it. Thanks Ron

Some just use an industrial type press. Not many have that.

A vise and sockets can be a makeshift press.

Some soak the entire linkage in a solvent overnight and then press it out.

threaded rod, fender washers, nuts and appropriate sized sockets. mucho penetrating oil.

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