wheel bearings

Front wheel bearings starting to go out on my 08 yz450f. I have heard that All balls bearings are the way to go over OEM, any one use them or have any insight into how good they are?


... any one ...have any insight into how good they are?

The price is one indication. If you can look at one of the bearings, the country of origin and brand name would be another. I've heard the kits from one of the popular aftermarket bearing kit suppliers were Chinese, but I don't know for sure.

ok, thanks. the price did catch my eye, just a few dollars more than the price of one oem bearing and you get the hole front bearing kit, probably not the best quality, ill order oem bearings and seals.

For wheel bearings, quality of the bearing really doesn't matter. Every single wheel bearing failure I have ever seen or heard of was due to water and/or dirt getting into the bearing, which is a maintenance issue. No matter where the bearing is made or how well it is made, it will fail if not taken care of properly.

Personally, I have had great success with VXB bearings in mx wheels. I'm sure they are chinese, as they are about 1/4 the cost of OEM wheel bearings. I like to replace the OEM open bearings with sealed bearings for extra resistance against water and dirt. I bought some used wheels that had bad bearings a while back, replaced them with cheap VXB bearings, packed the seals with grease every time I take the wheels off and the bearings are still good after 3 seasons in mud and sand.

For most bearings I would suggest not cheaping out, but an MX wheel really doesn't need a high quality bearing like other applications.

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