divide peak trail

Been reading this forum for a long time and finally registered. Does anyone ride the Divide Peak trail in the mountains above Santa Barbara? It would be nice to find someone to ride with.


I have ridden it a couple of times. It is a Good Dual Sport ride. Where are you located? I am going up to Gorman this Friday. Your more then welcome to join me. I'll probably end up back up there Saturday or Sunday as well.

I am in Santa Barbara. Have you been all the way back on the single track divide trail lately? The winter has made the trail quite challenging in some of boulder field uphill climbs. I give the utmost respect to someone who rides it on a dual-sport. I would like to learn the trails at Gorman. I have ridden the MX track there but not much in the trails.

hello, i would like some directions to this divide peak trail, and what requerments u need to ride there. I live her in taft ca, we ride her in taft, jawbone, and balinger which is on the way to santa barbara.id post some pic's on this thing if i can ever figure it out.

The trail really isn't long enough to justify a drive all the way from Taft. The views are unbelievable but the riding area is small.

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