Stock 09 WR 450 Tank missing gallons?

I decided to make a measure stick for figuring out how much fuel is in the tank. So I took the tank off and completely drained it. I tipped it over and also drained the petcock.

Then I took a 32oz container and filled it with fuel and dumped it into the tank, one by one making marks on the stick periodicaly.

Here is where the strange comes in. I was able to dump 6.5 32oz containers of fuel into the tank before it was filled to the absolute top. As far as I can tell 32oz = .25 gal. So I have a stock 2.1 Gal tank that holds 1.625 gal of fuel? What gives? Am I missing something? :bonk:

Thought the stock tank was 8 litres which is 1.76 imp gallons which ain't far off what you've measured

It looks like your math is correct. The stock tank is advertised as 2.11 us gal. The only other variable that could throw this off is your measuring container was not 32oz.

The measuring container is deffinately 32oz. It has the markings for oz and ml on the side. I think I'll call the dealer and see if there is something strange going on. I looked online and YZ450 comes with a 1.6 Gal tank. Maybe that is what happened.

No help from dealer. Would any one with a 09 WR450 be willing to give me the part number off their gas tank? My number doesn't match the parts list off the internet. It should be right under the seat.


Turns out I messed up with my count or something, I filled it at the station and 2.1 on the money. I guess I was having a rough day yesterday.

Too bad we cant use all 2.1 gallons as the front of the stock tank dips down BELOW the position of the petcock. If Yamaha had actually put he petcock in the very bottom, lowest part of the tank I would never needed to buy a larger tank.

Oh well.

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