strange starting problem

Hi guys,

I went from a 165 to a 175 main jet. So far this season, my bike was not backfiring anymore and it fired up on first kick hot or cold :D.

Last week end though, I had difficulties at starting the bike ( always 3 to 5 kicks ) when it was very hot :D. It was the first time of the year that the temperature reached 29 celcius deg. What gets me totally confused is that it sometimes started easier without the hot start... :D :D :)

I was at a slightly higher altitude and the engine was hotter than ever this year so we would think that it would need a poor air/gaz mix to start well... so what's the deal? The hot start is not supposed to create the poor conditions needed?

I even thought that my legs were too tired to kick :D

Thanks for your input :D

Found the answer to my problem while watching a car rallye race on TV.

The guys sled out of the road and the engine died. The pilot tried to restart but it did not. They explained that the engine becomes so hot that the gaz evaporates entirely. The helper pulled the choke and the pilot gave the motor a little start then the helper pushed back the choke and the pilot tried to restart again and it fired up in a 1/4 turn.

Probably what happened to me that day.

I will try to start with the hot start button and if it does not fire, I will try not to use the hot start for one kick and then kick again with the hot start right after... trying to imitate what those rallye guys did...

You may also want to try a VERY small amount of throttle - no more than 1/8 turn. Any more will cause engine to backfire. It works for me when the engine is really hot. Good luck!

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