Top end gaskets


I will be doing my top end soon, are any of the gaskets re-usable or do I need to buy a kit, and if so OE ones are very very expensive here, can anyone recommend quality pattern parts?

Many thanks :bonk:

the only reusable gasket is the valve cover gasket (which does not come with the kit). If you buy a aftermarket gasket set you will not get any o-rings for the coolant passages. if your going to get aftermarket gaskets I suggest Cometic since i just bought the Moose Racing kit and the base gasket is looking a little whimpy.

+2 on that. Cometic or OEM are the only consistent quality sets you can get.

Only reuse gasket made of rubber.

Metal or fiber should be replaced. This does not mean they will not work, it means they probably will not.

Thanks for the replies! I will get some ordered :bonk:


Also ensure that you follow the OEM head bolt torquing procedure exactly.

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