High comp piston with hotcams?


I have hotcams installed on my WR, love the power but will be doing a top end soon. Is it worth fitting a high compression piston? is there noticeably more power and will the e-start still work, as its perfect with the Hotcams?

Many thanks :bonk:

With the hotcams do you still have friendly low end power or does it come on a lot harder?


The trade off is losing a little bit of the tractor like bottom end torque but the mid range and top end is way better, revs so hard and fast :excuseme: Probably more MX power than enduro, but that's the way I like it......

Thanks for getting back to me. I would think with that high comp piston you would get more even on the bottom. But it makes sense that there was a trade off Hotcams had to make.

The hotcam's, and a big bore are a awsome combo.......:excuseme:

I read some of your posts before on the big bore. Did you go with the high comp piston? It sounds like it has thump.

The piston is part of the Athena kit. If I remember right when I was reading the documentation that came with it, it might have marginally more compression, but I would not say it's considered a high comp piston.

If you saw some of my posts on it, you know I also added a SS megabomb, and dropped 3 teeth on the rear sprocket at the same time I did the big bore.

The final combo has made the bike MUCH better in the woods, and way easier for me to ride compared to just the hotcams and free mods (too hard hitting and MX'ish)

Yup...Big Bore, High Comp, and Hot Cams is the bomb combo! Up one tooth ont he countershaft sprocket, and it'll pull like a tractor off idle all the way to the rev limiter...a bit of a hit in the mid range just to keep it interesting.

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