O6 yzf450 won't kickstart with clutch ingaged

My yz450 wont kickstart when your in gear with the clutch pulled in,it also will not free wheel either with the clutch pulled in.is this normal for these bike's or is the clutch out of adjustment?

When the clutch lever is pulled in, the clutch is disengaged. And yes, it's pretty typical.

The only adjustment is for free lever travel, and if you have a 3-5mm gap at the lever perch, that's all you can do with that. If the clutch drags to the point that it makes it very difficult to find neutral or so that the bike moves forward when you rev the engine at a standstill in gear, then you have a problem that can and should be corrected. What you're describing is unfortunate, perhaps, not not at all unusual.

Well it's easy to get into neutral and it does'nt serge in gear,but you can't have it in gear pull the clutch in and push it or kickstart it.just thought it was odd but other than that the bike runs great.thank's for the input

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