Flywheel weight price?


How much does the average flywheel weight cost?


Try they have them for $42.00 plus shipping. It is bolt-on, they charge additional to weld on.

The way I understand it 426 & 400 are different in this area. The inexpensive ones are usually for a 400

I bought a flywheel weight from strocker for my 2000 yz426 but had to send it back. I told them it was for a 426 and it cost around 50.00 but it didn't fit. They said mine would be around 150.00, so I bought a whole flywheel with a 12oz weight already on it for 150.00 and should receive it this week. I will let you know how it works. I bought it from or 800-347-1010.


God Bless

a Terrcable flyweel weight kit is about 150.00 for the yz400/26. That comes with 12oz flywheel weight, case spacer, allien screws, drill bit, tap and complete instructions.

Hey Jake,

I bought a 12oz. weight from TerryCable. It was about $150.00 and comes with everything(drill bit, tap, case extender, allen wrench ect.) I did however have a problem in the begining. At first they sent me the wrong size cases extender and the weight was grinding into my ignition cover! After a phone call the people at TerryCable were very helpful, and as a matter of fact, Ty Davis himself even offered to fix my bike if I wanted to drive it down to him! I have been very happy with the performance of the bike with the weight and I commend TerryCable for their actions in correcting my problem.

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