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KTM Plate Revoke List

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Anyone want to get a list together of everyone who has had the "Letter" sent to them from the DOL. The other thread is a good discussion but it's hard to see just what bike and how many have been affected just on here alone.

Just post your bike details and whether you had just plate or both plate and ORV tabs. I will update the info into this post.


eectech: 2008 250 XC-F plate only and gas-cyc on title from day one

Enduroguy: 2005 200exc plated but no orv tag.

Ride: Not mine but 2010 FE390 Berg, got the letter from Oregon.

dustyxcw: 2007 250 xcw plated from new

rozy157: My buddy and I have 2009 250 XC-W's and got the letter. Another buddy has a 2000 300 EXC And my dad's 2010 300 XC-W

mlyamkaw: 2009 300XCW Plated

PBryant: My brothers 2006 300 xcw got the letter.

chadman300: My friends 2003 525 EXC got the letter.

Damfast2: 2010 KTM 300 XCW Plated out the door day one!

b-rye: 2011 300xc

KDXer: 2005 250 exc, plated from day one, no ORV tabs.

skyriver: 2003 300 EXC And 2 buddies have: 2001 KTM 400 EXC (dual-sported) & 2002 KTM 300 EXC (plate only)

dirrtporr: 2008 ktm 300 xcw, plate only, and gas-cyc on title from day one. Got letter yesterday.

toyota_mdt_tech: I got 2 letters, but have 3 plated KTM's, so I dont know which one was missed. I have a 2007 85SX, a 2007 105SX and a 2006 300XC-W

WHIDBEYDH: 2008 250 xc-w, got my letter today

cgraham: mine: 2008 200 XC buddies bikes: 2008 200 XC-W & 2010 530 XC-W All with plates only, no ORV tabs.

fujidog: 2007 300xcw christini

old-school: 2003 200exc

drooling piston: 2006 300 xc-w plate only since it was new.

Lowedog: Got a call from a friend yesterday who got the letter for his 2004 200 EXC. Plated since new.

Ride: add buddy Colins KTM200


BlueThunder: Add my 2001 300EXC to the list - plated since the day it left the dealer.

SV996R: 2005 525 SMR letter arrived on 08/28/10

M_johnson: 2003 525exc plated from day one, factory turn signals, etc.

Oldmxer95: 2008 XC-F 505, plated since new

Dr D: 2008 300

Mototodd: 2010 250 XC, plated and orv since new

Dan-oh: 2003 200exc, Dual registration

Desertfox: I have 2 plated 2003 KTM 300EXC's

lordboots: Got my letter Saturday, 2005 250 EXC - 8th digit is a 3

buddy got his as well: 2004 200 EXC

tjschul: 2003 300exc with expired orv tags and valid license plates since new

bubbalewy: 2008 XCW-E Plated and ORV. Plated new in Az., title transfered to Wa.

hoppy: 2009 505XCF

rail45: 2008 200 xcw

lucasc: 2008 450 xc-f

Old Skool Rider: 2009 300 XCW. Plated and ORV tags from day one.

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