4 wire key switch ?

Hey all

I recently purchased a 4 wire ignition key switch to replace my main on/off switch on my 450f.... My question is what are the 4 wires for?

After doing some test on the dmm I concluded that wire 1 and 2 connects when key Is turned to "ON" and wire 3 and 4 connects when key Is turned to "OFF"

The main switch has 4 wires as well but it seems the two extra wires is for the led light when the button is pushed to on .

Just trying to figure out what the purpose of having a complete circuit when the key is turned to off?

Any help would be great thanks.

probably the 3+4 key switch is like your stop engine switch, open bike runs, closed ignition system is grounded out killing spark. without a schematic or intended use to reference to I would guess you would hook up wires 1+2 as is instead of power button. but I would also hook up 3&4 parralel to your kill switch that way nobody can kick the bike over and fire it up.

most of the time the key switch would be hooked up as 1+2 would operate the lights and or d/c part of the sytem as for starter/battery charging and 3/4 would operate the ignition. ie. key in off position wires 1&2 would cut off power to lights,starter etc and wires 3&4 would connect to ground out the ignition at the same time.

I kinda get ya

I understand that a complete circuit on the kill switch will kill the bike

But simply turning off connection 1+2 would kill the bike too

So if I were to hook it up like u said I would be killing the bike via completing the circuit on the kill switch ( key switched to off thus connecting 3+4) and killing the bike again by disconnecting the main switch (key switched to off thus no longer connecting 1+2)

The only benefit I see from this is if someone were to hot wire my bike they would have a harder time messing with 4 wires instead of two lol

I don’t know the 450f but If the switch is like the one on the old atcs then the on controls some of electrical accessories like e-starter and lights. The off circuit acts only as a kill switch. I know this because I drove this atc for two years without a key and never had any electric problems except lights and starter. Hope this helps

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