bike crapping out on the top end

Anyone know what is causing my 2007 450 to crap out from half to full throttle? I have had it at the dealership and they are baffled. It is some kind of electrical problem. The CDI box seems to be Ok. We have checked the carb plug gas and every other mechanical problem. Please help

I have the same problem with mine. I've checked all the obvious things but still the same problem. I suppose getting a compression check and the valves checked is the next thing for me. Nobody on here has suggested anything yet.

Define 'crap out' more.

Does it missfire, getting worse as RPMs increase?

Does it just fall flat and bog/die?

Has it always been like this, did it happen all of a sudden or has it been getting progressively worse over time?

when I get from half throttle to full throttle it feels like the bike is hitting the rev limiter. Its like as if I had a two stroke and have a fouled plug. I got cross rutted in some atv ruts and took a quick exit of my bike in the top of third gear. After that the bike started running like crap. You can tell it wants to go but it just keeps farting in and out. I have narrowed it down to either the stator or the cdi. I am going to try the stator bc it is about 175 bucks cheeper unless anyone has some wisdom to share with me

Ah, so a crash induced the problem. imporatnt information. Check the wiring on the bars, specifically the on/off switch and the kill switch. Also check the main harness at the headstock.

Do not buy a stator or CDI.

I have the exact same condition on a 09 WR450.

Guns - Did you ever get it sorted?

I too have the same issue. My 2008 WR450 feels like it is starving for fuel when it is up near redline.

Just read a thread from a 04 and they recommend disconnecting the TPS, worth a try.

I will try and test this out before the weekend.

I only notice the problem half throttle and up, so I never notice it on the single track.

Mine is fixed. Went up a main jet and moved the needle clip down one. No more bogg up top.

I had a 165 main with the NFLR needle on #4 clip.

Now I have a:


NFLR on #5 clip

Did they replace the coil?

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