2010 YZ 450F Bogg's and loses power

My 2010 450 has been having serve issues of bogging when it heats up, we've tested the fuel pump, all electrical plugs, tried different gas, new CDI box, checked valves, and still having the same problem. i'm totally stumped. it's getting dangerous to ride. It's going to cut out at the wrong time and really take a digger. open to any suggestions!

i have had this problem a couple times. both times i cleaned off the fuel pump and reinstalled with a new oring on the base. cleared it up. last time i did it i also wiped out the throttle body and sprayed off the injector. stupid me forgot to reconnect a sensor and wouldnt start again til i figured it out.

There should be a small filter inside the fuel tank next to the fuel pump. Check that filter. I had the same problem with an 09 Honda CRF450 and it was doing the same thing and it was a clogged filter inside the fuel tank. Cleaned it up and ran great!

I'll order a new filter and check to clean the pump out. i was going to order a new pump also. But we have tested the fuel pump pressure and it was right where it needed to be. but i'm wondering if when it gets hot does it lose it's power?

Have you checked for codes or scewed data? You'd really have to check fuel pressure while it was happening to get an accurate reading but I don't what kind of fuel pressure testing device you have or can even use on these since I've never done it.

tech24 i have been to my dealer several times, and one of those times we did go over all the codes and everything was where it needed to be. I was thinking the cdi box might of been malfunctioning but it seemed to be ok.

well hopefully its a filter deal then

Could be one of the connectors on the harness is coming loose after riding for a bit, the odd shake here and there breaks the circuit maybe???

I would be going over the whole harness and checking the connectors with a volt meter, making sure that all wires are completing their circuit through the connector.

You can shove a spiked probe from your voltmeter through the back of the connectors and match up the colored wires to make sure that they complete a circuit.

Just a thought.

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