Jet Settings for Utah

Ok the time has come!

I have seen alot of comments on jetting for the WR426 and now I have succumb to making the changes to my bike now. My 426 is just about on its one year mark and plenty of break in miles.

My friends bike seems more snappy in the throttle and he bought his bike the day before and from a different dealer. One thing that I have noticed is his head pipe has a more bluish tint, my pipe looks as good as the show room floor. The only thing that we can think of is the jetting.

Thoughts and comments always welcomed. Looking for thoughts hopefully from the local boys in blue, not orange :)

Post your altitude and carb and/or breathing mods (i.e. jetting, BK/accelerator pump, exhaust, air box, throttle stop etc.).


Mine is an '00 400 but see below for my settings. Some may argue my jetting but it has worked great for me. A lot snappier than before.


Here is some more information that may help. Thanks HICK!

Alt: 4K-9K

Cover is off

Uncorked exhaust factory original

No carb mods

Throttle stop in place

Grey wire in place

Have not taken carb apart to see what has been given yet.

basically nothing done yet.

Hope this helps...... :)

Thanks Doug,

I would like to get a idea of what there is for our area and build from there. Thanks again for the info. :)

Stock jetting should be: DRR-4 needle, 165 MJ, 200 MAJ, 42 PJ, 75 PAJ, 1 5/8 turns on the fuel screw.

I hate to speak for someone else, but LarryCO recommends the following: EKP-3 needle, 150-155 MJ, 160 MAJ, 38PJ, 65 PAJ, 1 1/2 turns on the fuel screw for (6K-10Kft)

Check out the "Taffy and LarryCO jetting" thread, there is some great info there! Hope this helps some!

Try a EKN needle, MJ 155-160, MAJ 180 or 160, PJ 38-40, PAJ 75, My sig would work fine for your bike. It's been to 6500 feet without a miss or bog. Clip 2 on a EKN..Good luck :)

Eagle's said it all...

FYI...tested with the EKN needle at altitude (7500 ft)...found it was too rich...thus, the EKP choice. I think you'll even find that needle to be a little too rich over 10K ft.

Good luck!


LarryCO and ALL THANKS for the information. This is very helpful and I'm looking forward to doing the mods and reporting back.

Thanks again!! :)

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