wr kicks but wont run

Hey guys,

any ideas what could be wrong?

The bike was running fine, got it home washed it then it wouldnt start.

left it a few days and it started first kick and ran for a minute or so till i shut it off. Loaded it up for another ride a week later, got there, geared up, kicked it and it started. Ran for a minuite on choke, then stalled.

Now it will give a quick kick when you kick it over, but dies straight away.

I have removed and cleaned the plug (it seems to have some spark from what i could see when i kicked it hard, no spark when pushing the lever with my hand), i have removed carby, blown out all jets and reinstalled, but still it is doing the same thing.

any ideas what else to check before i take it to a shop (i reallyd ont want to spend the $$)

It shows similar symptoms to a car with a blow ballast resistor, but im guessing bikes dont have them.

any suggestions appreciated.

Sounds electrical. I always try a new plug because it is easy to change. Check the wiring, specifically the wire to the kill switch, and to the stator for water in the connections, or a rub-through shorting it out. Blow out the connectors with compressed air. Take the stator cover off and make sure it is dry. You should have a good spark pushing the motor by hand.

Drain the fuel from the tank and carb, refil with fresh fuel.

Clean inside of carburetor!

Sounds like an electrical problem.


thanks guys, well carby is spotless and new fuel.

I agree that it may be electrical as it started after a wash. will keep on investigating and let you know how i go.

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