426 or 400 which is best......

What is the best out of the two and what are your reasons?

Do you think it's worth buying the new 2001 or is the 2000 model just as good or was the 400 better?

What would you like too see change on the 2002 model?

The '01 has the spline drive mounting instead of the key way on the end of the crankshaft. BIG IMPROVEMENT for reliability. The '01 has a debatable improvement with the cylinder head...especially the titanium valves. plus, improvements to the suspension. Hard to beat.

One of the biggest improvements over the 400 is low end power. Personally, low end power will get you around..and out of corners quicker for short runs at the next double jump. Both are totally fun to ride.

No questions asked. The 426 is way better. I rode with a friend that has a 400, he couldn't keep up with me on the track or on the trails. As for the straitaways, you might as well just lay down if you're on a 400.

The 400 is a great bike, but the 426 is better.

As for improvements for 2002....less weight. 225-230 lbs would be awesome! It won't happen, but it sounds good. If Yamaha could just shave out 10-15 lbs, the 426 would be unbelievable.

If you're deciding between the two, think 426. Not as many modifications needed to get the performance.


YZ 426's suck!(all the air they can get)

THROTTLE JOCKEY......because all golf courses should be motocross tracks!

I couldn't be happier with my 99'. I haven't ridden a 426 but the 400 has all the power most anybody needs. If your beating your buddy on a 400 it's becuase your a better rider. The 400 can go as fast as you have the balls to go around a motocross track. Most tracks I've been around it's been plenty fast and more power wouldn't make me a faster rider. I wouldn't buy a 426 until I know the bugs are 100% out. Every time I swing my leg over it I don't worry about the tranny or clutch failures the 426's seem to have. It's all about opinions but I couldn't justify spending 5,800 when I paid 4,000 for mine last spring in new condition. It already had an o-ring and renthals on it. I know the 99 is great and I'm sure the newer ones are a little better but I use to beat guys with my 91kx and they had 99 250's.

I agree with the post above. I'm riding a 99 yz400 and when I get beat by a 426 it's because that rider is better then me. My bike is bone stock except for suspension and graphics. I've killed a lot of guys on 426s. I'm not a pro but I do think I'm fast and I've never actually raced but at the track on practice days I'm generally one of the faster guys on the track. Just my 2 cents.



When in doubt, GAS IT!

I have an 01 426. Ive ridden a 99WR and 99Yz. The 01 is quicker, it seems to have more punch off the line. A great rider on a 125 could beat a ham & egger on a 400 or 426. The 01 is faster (quicker). Is it worth the extra money? Thats your decision, for me it was worth it. My friend has the 99 Wr that Ive ridden. We ride together all the time. I cant lose him and he cant lose me....when we trade bikes, I immediately notice that his bike is slower than mine, but he still cant lose me when he's riding my bike. I havent had any problems with my bike yet (maybe 75 hours). His bike is down right now due to a problem with 4th gear. The 01 suspension is stiff but feels better to me. If you have the cash get the 01, if not the 400's and 00426's still rip.


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I have a 99' 400. The last thing I want on an MX track is more power. I always wondered why Yamaha made the 426 when the 400 was plenty fast enough. My only wish is less weight (15 lbs less would be nice!) but other than that I love my 400. I race MX as an intermediate and have raced against 426's and 250's, I have never been pulled corner to corner or in the straights, but if I get on the throttle out of the turn first, see ya!!!! I have an FMF Power Core IV with oversized header, Twin Air filter, and the biggest improvement yet, Factory R&D p-38 carb plate (much smother carburation with no hiccup) Also I am at sea level and with the above items I am jetted at #182 main and #50 pilot. My 400 rips!!!!!

I have a pretty tricked out 98 400. i mean by that, all the carbon fiber,and Ti footpegs, rims hubs, that stuff. but performance stuff, just a works exhaust (this is an ex-world vet champion bike,but the exhasut flows just as good as any other)air filter, and the head has been ported and polished. it pulls 58 h.p. at the front sprocket. so i mean its fast, but it used to have a 420 kit on it,so it had a 49 tooth rear. i have it back at a 400 and left the 49 on, and it only got BARELY pulled by a 01 426 (mostly due to the rider) but im putting the 51 back on it...and it should skool everything. Doug Dubach used a 98 yz400 up until this year, he liked the power delivery better (his only reason for changing is because he got a works bike) alot of guys use the 400, and trick it out...but in all honesty, the 426 has a little more everywhere in the power band (but buy a new ignition for the 400, and itll be the same) the only real advantages are the suspension on the 01, light years better. so basicly buy a good 400 (with pipe and filter, and good suspension) and youll never be able to tell the diference. well slightly, anyway, just my two cents.


Well if you look at this thread you will notice two things. Everyone is very proud of their respective machine and rightfully so.

You will also notice all the 400 guys modifying there bikes too. I will guarantee you this, the 01 426 is definately the best out of the crate (jeez they had 4 yrs to fine tune it). I have no need to modify this bike at all, motor or suspension, they are both excellant. Don't take my word for it, read the tests.

It really is the rider, that makes a difference, when guys are saying they never get passed by 426's.

btw the titanium valves REALLY do make a difference as you can rev this baby out like a 2-stroke if you want.



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I currently ride a '01 426 and haven't owned one before,but my friend has a '98 400 and I rode his and thought that it was great but lacked a little punch! (my previous bike was a'00 CR500 with '96 barrel,carbon reeds,pipe etc etc )

When I jumped onto my bike after riding his I noticed the power difference straight away ,I wouldn't say it's heaps faster just a little quicker to rev and seems to rev a little further.

So I suppose that I think the '01 is better than the 400 but I wouldn't know about last years bike.

I would like to see a little more power (450-465cc if they could do it without creating too much Inertia)and some more weight removed for next years bike.


I have a trikt 99 and have never once been pulled by a 426 .

I have been in countless straight away runs and blasting out of corners against numerous different 426's and if anything it is decided by the better line.

I do only weigh about 165 w/gear so I guess that might be an advantage but in racing we take anything that is given to us!!!!

My friend that I race against has a cr500 and he has pulled me once or twice but usually only because I picked a bad line or lose trx and spin the hell out of the rear.

Either way you never want to be behind a cr500 unless you want to have serious dental work later.......LOL.......FUNNY.....he says the same thing about the 4!!!!!

This baby hucks boulders not just gravel!

I guess it is all personal choice.

From what i have read on this board the 2k and 2k+1 have had numerous jetting and tranny probs.

I don't want to jinx myself but I have spent about a total of 1hr working on the jetting of my scoot!

"knock on wood"




ride BLUE

"From what i have read on this board the 2k and 2k+1 have had numerous jetting and tranny probs."

What, I haven't heard of any of the jetting or tranny problems with the 01 as the 00 had???

Maybe for the folks in higher elevation (jetting), but that can happen to any bike.

And like I said in my post, everyone has modified 400's that they are comparing to.

The golden rule still applys even for 26cc's

"There is no replacement for displacement"

I don't want to jinx myself either, but I have spent NO time on the jetting of my scoot!

"knock on wood" :)


Let me retry what I was trying to say the first time I replied to this post.

Stock, the 426 hits harder and is simply better than a stock 400.

You can modify the hell out of a 400 to make it as good or better than a stock 426. But then, if you modify the hell out of a 426, it will still be better than a modified 400. Like G-Man said, the 426 doesn't need the mods to get the performance.

The 400 is an excellent bike. It would probably suit anyone's needs as a motocrosser or trail bike, but the subject line to this post was "426 or 400 which is best?" The answer to his question is the 426. Read all the back issues of magazines that compared the 400 to the 426 when it was first released, they'll confirm my statement.

Also, I paid $4680 OTD for mine brand new(2000) last summer, + $250 for a WB E-series exhaust because it's a USFD approved spark arrestor and I mostly trail ride. So for under $5000, I have a bike better than most almost any modified 400 with who knows how much money in mods.

Like I said, the 400 is great but the 426 offers more.


YZ 426's suck!(all the air they can get)

THROTTLE JOCKEY......because all golf courses should be motocross tracks!

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