trying to figure out the exhaust for my 07

I removed the pea shooter but I think its a little to loud for my taste, not bad but I'm a fan of quiet.

I just found a really good deal on an FMF Q4 silencer, it doesnt have the header pipe.

what can I expect from it, does it need the FMF header to work?



I have a07 wr 450 with a mega bomb header and a q4. It is louder then the stock with the pee shooter out but the power was much smoother and it revs alot freer. did give it a nice lil low end pop that was lacking. The biggest improvement was the gray wire mod which realy woke it up!

I'm gonna throw out a guess here and say that pretty much anything other than stock is going to be louder than stock.

I believe that completely stock you are at 82 DBs and when you remove the pea shooter (like I have) you are at 88 DBS. Most aftermarket pipes are just below 93/94 DBs.

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