scots forward steering head mount?


is anyone running a forward mounted scots dampener on their elephant? i'm currently running a bolt-on oil fill mount and have had a problem with several scary losening incidents. plus i'd like to get back to running the oem dipstick and also clean up the command center on the bike. which reminds me, what's the most sano way you all have figured out how to route your throttle cables around the dampener if you are also running aftermarket triple clamps? is longer cables the answer? i'm currently routing mine below the bar mount just over the steering column bolt. this routing sucks cause the steering column bolt is rubbing its way through the cables...

i'm not even sure if there is a forward steering column mount available for the 650r? i want a mount like what the guys get for the yzfs that mounts on a spacer between the steering column bolt...



I run a forward mount Scotts setup on my XR650R. My cables are a bit longer than stock (they came with my QwickSilver carb), but I've heard people say the stock cables work with the forward mount damper. My throttle cables are routed towards the rear of the damper and snake down through the left front of my tank like the picture in the link below. My clutch cable is routed in front of the fork tube and through it (underneath the top clamp), but my decomp cable routes from the backside of the top clamp cause it was too short. I'm using the Scotts top clamp (which is made by BRP) that raises the bars and puts them forward a bit.

Here's a picture of the forward mount system on a XR650R on Scotts web site.

If you need to see some specific pictures of how I routed my cables, send me a PM with your email address and I'll take some pics and email them to you.

Secretatlas, I am currently running the forward mount with my Scotts, and it works great. Call Brian at BRP and he will get you setup(let him know you are with District 37). The only change you need to make with your cables, is to turn your throttle so that the cables are on the bottom and route the cables behind the triple clamp. Both my brother and I have this setup, and we have had no problems in over a year. If you are tall, it is worth the money to get the clamps moved forward and taller.

Mike P

Prairie Dogs MC / District 37

sweet. thanks for both of your responces. i'll reroute my cables and call brp to get the setup.

thanks again.


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