Reason to keep the CR cable/lever!

I retrofitted the 03 cam in my 01 250F. A few weeks later, I removed the manual compression release lever, cable, and activator arm and put in the plug. There just didn't seem to be a really good reason to keep it.

Well, I found one.

We had a great ride in Crested Butte this past weekend, and about an hour from completing it we came upon a stream crossing I was worried about. There was alot of snow this past winter, its still early, and the stream was whitewater. About halfway through it, some huge water python grabbed me and pulled me under (I swear its true!) and started carrying off my bike. My friends went in after me and the bike and we got it to shore. The next guy/bike met the same fate. An attempt was made to ride across a hiking bridge that is only a foot wide, just a log that was shaved flat on one side and suspended 4-5 feet over the stream. Very fun to watch a rider on a KDX200 fall off a high log into a raging stream.

After getting everyone across, I go to start my bike. The lever is locked solid. I have filled the cylinder with water. No problem, I will just pull the plug and pump it out. Except that even though I have the plug socket, the 14mm wrench I need to turn it has vanished from my toolkit. No one else has one, and pliers won't do it. So I am in for a long wait, soaking wet, while my friends go get one.

As I am sitting there waiting, I am thinking, "you know, if I had just left the compression release lever on, I bet I would just pull it in, kick a few times to flush the water, and be on my way..."

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