Bleeding Rear Brakes

Is there a special way to bleed the rear brakes on a 04 wr450? I have spend an hour on it and can not get any presure in the pedal. I have put in a new rebuild kit, and still nothing. I even filled the caliper with fluid and reassembled to make sure fluid was getting to the piston. I get fluid out of the bleeder, I dont know how much presure is there or how much it should be. Please help, I am going out of my mind.:bonk:

You want to make the air all move one direction.

First, ensure you have a little freeplay at the master cylinder clevis. If you do not, the cylinders bleed port will be covered and it will not pump fluid.

Next, remove the calip and place it as low as possible. Tap the brake line, wna slightly bepress the brake lever. You should see bubble exiting the tiny port in the resivoir. Do this till the bubbles stop. Alternatively, you can remove the master, put it at the lowest point and bleed the traditional way out the bled port on the caliper.

What ever method you use, try to make everything go up and down, no loops. Tapping 'un-sticks' air bubbles as does slightly working the master.

You DO know how to bleed brakes right? Or is this your first time?


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