oil strainer

what is the best way to get the oil strainer out of the bottom of the downtube tank

I just did mine for the first time. You have to loosen the clamp that holds the oil line on the fitting for strainer. Follow the line to 8mm bolt that holds the line to motor. Remove bolt. Slide hose off of hose barb on

strainer. Get a Box end 15/16 wrench. Slide onto strainer nut and oooomph. Some have used impact.....nut surface is small so impact could round it if not square. Little skidplate needs to be removed to give you access. I have a works connection plate so it definitely needs to come off. My strainer was clean. Second oil change....oil filter barely had anything on it.

That's correct, the intake hose needs to be removed, then the whole thing will just drop down. I just took mine out this weekend to check for first time, clean! The oil filter was another story, even though alot of people don't change them often because they are steel mesh, mine was loaded with junk and metal shavings and I recommend at least looking it over after a month or two of riding.

I don't get it, how often do you need to clean the strainer? Every oil change, or ??



I've checked mine about three times last season. I have a '00 426 and change my oil after about three rides, unless I race, then its every ride. Anyway, every time I've checked the strainer, its been clean.

The only time my strainer had anything in it was during my first break-in oil change

Im with Hambone and Tom. After first break in I have yet to find anything in the strainer. The filter is another thing. Take the time and clean it right. Buy a spare they're cheap. Then clean both filters at the same time eliminating a cleaning to every other oil change.

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