Hi comp piston=more low to mid??

hi guys,i'm riding a 09 yzf450 w/ a FWW 13/50 gearing a FMF powerbomb w/Q 4 silencer.I'm loking for bottom and mid power.I'm thinking hi comp piston.any more idea's.Oh im 240 geared up.thanks


You could do that, but it would be cheaper and a lot less work to stick an '06 CDI on the steering head. To go beyond that, you could go with an '06 exhaust cam, too. The piston will do what you want, but neither as much or as easily as these two items.

I have an 06 im at 235 with gear I run a 13/49 when im in the open desert but a 13/51 in tight slow stuff.To me it is very different feel not sure what your riding in but i would play with gearing first. You can go to www.sprocketcalculator.com to play around with gearing.

thanks gray i'll find a cdi first.


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