tires to prevent washout..?

i have a yz450f, my front tire washes out.. i was wanting to know if a wider tire or a skinnier tire will help this problem?

use a softer front tire., Intermediate or soft terrain tire up front. and search this forum for " cornering" you will find a ton of set up advice that will help your bike stick in turns.

Setting the sag and getting the suspension set properly will go a long ways to helping this situation as well. WR Dave

And what psi are you using?

i am using 12 psi, i've stiffened and softened my suspension.. everything i can think of.. what tires do you guys prefer?

I am running a rekluse e axle on my WR

My bike is so big and heavy I feel it really helped

What terrain are you riding in, and what tyre are you currently using? Matching terrain and tyre model can make a huge difference

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