New 07 450 knocking...?

I changed the oil for the third time with non-syn recently and put a new aluminum skid plate on. I expected a little more engine noise but not this loud knock. Is this normal because of the skid plate. Oil level is perfect and still really fresh only 4 hrs on it.


They do tend to sound noisier when you fit an aluminium skid plate.


I'll go out on a limb here and gurantee that what you are hearing is your chain slapping on the swingarm slider. Make sure your chain is properly adjusted.

Nah, this knock is when at idle or at any rpm for that matter with the bike not moving

My '09 WR450 sounds like a rock crusher at idle compared to other bikes...but runs like a dream. Seems all 4 stroke Yammies are like that. I've had Yamahas for 30+ years and they all sound like that.

Good to know. Thanks!

clutch basket? What the hours on your bike? Mine got a nasty knock around 500 :bonk:

Im not exactly sure since I havent put an hour meter on yet but not many prob 15hrs

drain the oil and check for shavings, just to be sure :ride:

Will do thanks.

Mine sounds like a rock crusher too. The sticky says this is normal unless there is a big hole in the case to let rocks in.

I have a new 2008 (about 12 hrs) with an aluminum skid plate - with the same noise. Kind of a heavy knocking which is worse when the clutch is engaged (lever out). Took the plate off for the oil change - rode around the yard and it was much quieter.

Figure it's the normal noise- and I'll have to get used to it (or get some ear plugs!)

If you dont hear those noises than you should be worried when you own a Yamaha.LOL!


Mines been noisey ever since new as soon as i put the aluminum skid plate on

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