2003 yz450f fork oil change

When changing fork oil in an 03 450F, can I just pull out the forks, unscrew the caps, and drain all the old oil out (for an hour or so) and then add the correct amount of fresh oil in?

Any recommendations on oil brand/weight?

What about oil level?

Any tips/tricks?

You can't do it like that because the oil level is set by first filling and bleeding the cartridge, then filling to a specific level measured from the oil to the top of the compressed fork tube. You have to remove the caps from the damper rods and remove the springs.

The level should be set to between 85-130mm below the top of the fork tube, with 110-115 being a pretty good level to use. Any good 5wt fork oil will work.

Download a manual:


Thanks Gray!

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