has anyone ever had a chain take chunks out of you subframe when you bottom out your suspension.

Wow, you must have some serious travel or your chain is super loose. Is your upper chain roller still on the bike?



When in doubt, GAS IT!

Never had that happen but I have had other sub frame problems. All the YZs have very weak sub frames. If you have to replace it i would suggest a aftermarket one. I have messed up 2 oe subframes. good luck

Jesse, Ive had my chain rub against the sub frame when it was too loose, I fixed it by wrapping stainless steel that I found at a hobby shop around the tube. This only happened with the stock chain (which is junk) that was too loose because we were on a 5 hr ride and could not adjust it. I wrapped the stainless steel around the frame bent it to the correct shape drilled and riveted it in place, making sure there are no edges the chain can catch on. mike

Guys, I have a question. My '99 400's sub frame is round steel tubing. I bought the bike used and it was slightly tweaked. Do the later bikes have better subframes?


The 2000 and 2001s are semi-square aluminum. I would say they are better and probably lighter.

There is an aluminum BBR subframe for sale on Ebay, claims is very light but don't know myself.. I thought about buying itbut don't know anything about it. Anyone here have any thoughts? I would like to shed a few pounds if possible.. I only weigh 175 so the bike is a bit heavy for me to throw around but I love it!!

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