dr.d hot start 426????

i am having problem with mt dr.d hot start at the carb. i wanted to know if there should be a o ring or some kind of seal where it goes in the carb? i am having a lean problem due to the hot start and i think i am going to a stock plunger, but need to get it ready for the weekend. so any help would be super.

I know the DRD plunger has no seal at the plunger. It does have one between the cable guide and the anchor nut, bit that's it. The one I had never leaked any significant air.

i did not think it did. mine keeps hanging up in the housing. so i got a stock one just dont have the time to install it.

They hang in the housing because water gets in when you wash the bike. Once you free it up, you can either remove it after each wash and dry it with a carb cleaner that contains alcohol and then lube it, or do what we used to do. Start and run the bike after the wash, and while the engine is running, open the hot start for several seconds to draw the water out of it. We never had it stick again after we started doing this.

But you have to be sure all of the corrosion is gone from the bore, or it will "grow back".

x2 to what gray said. I also put a light coat of waterproof grease on mine if I remember correctly and never had a problem with it.

I'll reaffirm Gray and cowboy on this one. I had my Dr.D hang up once in 2003 and Gina told me how to un-stick it and how to clean and lube it right. Gray is right down the line here, as usual.


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