Loading Ramps?

Hey Do any of you Guys use those folding atv ramps to load your bikes.I used a the old 2*8 on my old truck but have traded off the beast and Have a new Truck the 2*8 ain't gonna cut it. I was wondering if the wide atv ramp is easier on the back? :shocked:250lbs is a load and cant afford the trailer yet...

I am using the 2"x8" myself and know it can be a hassle. I have never used them but i am sure they are nice. They also make thinner ones designed for dirt bikes that are usually cheaper, I have noticed. Give one a try and let me know if it is worth the extra bucks.




Before I got them I used a 2X6. Major pain and this was with a KX250. When I picked up my YZ462 last Saturday. I got the folding ramp out attached the cables to the bumber and when the sales guy said you need help loading I said no.

I then fired up the YZ for the first time and rode it into the back of my pickup. Too easy :)

I got mine at a Kawasaki dealer for $140. Could not live with out it now.



01 YZ426F #85 Vet C

The folding ramps will make a world of difference. Very much worth the money.


I use a 2x8 with a hole cut in it, so I can tie it to one of my tie-downs hooks when traveling (so it doesn't slide out with the tailgate open - I have a Toyota p/u)

I also have a ramp-end, bent piece of metal that attaches to the end of 2x8, that provides a transition from the 2x8 to the tailgate. They are available in Home Depot for 13 bucks.

I don't use atv ramps cause I am afraid they will get stolen while I am out riding the trails.

I just use my tailgate as a ramp. Obviously I don’t recommend this if you have a nice, scratch-free tailgate.

Also, people WILL look at you funny when you unload your bike, but the extra convenience is worth the attention. :)

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