2007 yz450f blew up on me

i was riding the other day when my back wheel locked up on me. after i got back from the hospital with a broken collar bone and ankle, and stitched in the other ankle i looked at the bike and the rod went through the transmission and out the cases behind the cylinder. i am trying to decide if i want to part out the bike, sell as a parts bike, or fix it. any ideas on what i should do or why this may have happened?

What rod are we talking about? IF its the connecting rod i would say that the pistion seized and sent the connecting rod threw the bottom of the engine. Either way if it went threw both cases i would suggest parting it out. Bc as that rod went up and down threw the engine it probably trashed your cylinder to.

I would love to see some picts

my brothers sti just did this. Timing belt broke while we were getting on the freeway and obviously there was some amazing valve to piston contact that broke two of the connecting rods off and caused a lot of problems. Gotta love interference engines, you would expect he timing belt to last longer than 12k miles tho!

Im no engine guru but it sounds possible that you had some timing chain problems or some valve float, from your description it could have been a lot of things tho, lets see some pics!!!

Obviously it wouldnt be worth getting a new motor when you can get a new bike for just a little more, you might be able to find some used motors for around $1500 on ebay if you want to go that route.

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