FLU Designs seatcover for YZ450F

Hey! I bought a Facelift Unlimited retro kit for my 06 YZ450F about 3 months ago.It is the mid-80's looking red,white,and black.It looks AWESOME and I thought the red seatcover with "YAMAHA" on the side was the absolute coolest part of the kit and the thing that really tied it all together and set it apart from other retro kits.The problem is that the seat has already faded horribly! It is now a pinkish white and makes my bike look old.....not Retro.Has anyone else had this problem with this particular red seatcover?Anybody know where I can get another red seatcover? And for the record....my bike is not under any extreme UV conditions,and the FLU kit on my son's YZ125 is much older and shows no signs of fading(it is a black seatcover).Please help if you can,I love that red seat.

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