XR650R tail light options, bulbs and switches

My XR650 came from the dealer with a hydraulic brake-light switch and a reostat (unknown size) to dim the tail light until the brake pedal is activated. The pitiful stock 3.4 watt bulb is a #158 and barely brightens the lens as a brake light. I tried a #168 which is 30% brighter. A 7 watt bulb (sylvania landscape?) is really bright but is too fat and won't stay in the rubber boot/socket.

First question - what bulbs have you guys had good luck with and do they handle the vibration or melt the lens?

Second - I want to switch the individual light circuits and run them only on the road (except when ditching Grand Junctions finest - just kidding!) So... if the stator is pumping out 75 unused watts will I overheat some component? What if I run a hotter 200 watt stator?

Thanks for your comments. :) Bob.

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