What Oil? yz450 07

Whats the correct engine oil I should be using on this model? I am currently using fully synthetic 10/40 silkolene.

I change frequently every couple of hours.

Thanks in advance guys.

The oil requirements are listed in the manual. If you don't have one, download one:


The Silkolene is a good choice as far as I know.

Everyone thinks they know something about what the perfect oil is, and it's been discussed ad infinitum, so I'll ask you to search for more if you really want it. Meantime you can read this:

Oil Issues

...and if the bike is new to you and you have no manual, this:

Oil Change Procedure

...and if you're unfamiliar with dry sump lubrication, this:

Dry Sump Oiling

Thanks for this grayracer, this has cleared a few things up for me. for example the wet clutch info, I have experienced alot of clutch slipping on my yz and am hoping this is down to incorrect choice of oil.

It has also opened my eyes as to how important choosing the correct oil really is for this type of engine.

Cheers again

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