Any luck removing baffle on stock pipe for XR650L?

I just bought a 03 XR650L and I need to uncork this thing ASAP,I plan on buying a BD jet kit,smog block off kit,and remove airbox lid. I'd like to know if removing the baffle will be enough.Thanks

I have an '01 and have removed it and tried keeping it in. So far there's a little more low end but nothing like what you would get if you just bought a aftermarket pipe. I am saving for the FMF "Q" right now. From what I've been reading, the pipe makes a huge difference. Taking the insert out makes it louder but not a whole lot more seat of the pants grunt. :)

If you take the baffel out it will also not have a spark arrester and will be illegal. I put on a FMF Power Core and it made a huge difference.

Other things to change besides what you are currently doing

- take the smog kit off (gets rid of the back firing)

- I went down one smaller sprocket size in the front and it handles much better in the single track, cost $15 or so.

I suggest doing all these upgrades one at a time, that way you will notice the difference on each thing you change. Maybe do the dyno jet last so you only have to mess w/ the jetting once (or twice) instead of 10 times. :):D

Hope you enjoy your bike!


send an email to if you want more info - I never check this forum.

I think overall the stock muffler actually works better with the insert in! I did modify it, griding out the cross-bar in the i.d.

haven't yet tried any aftermarket exhaust.

Throw the stock one away and save a few pounds, the bike is in serious need of a diet plan. I use the Supertrapp IDS2 tuneable exaust, (race core), I would go with the quiet core now, but I still like the option of adding or subtracting discs, you can move the powerband around a bit, plus regulate the sound output, it works, I also would give a thumbs up for the Baja desighns jetting and smog block off kitt, money well spent!!. :):D

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