4-Stroke National @ SpeedWorld in AZ

Should be some good racing this weekend, looking fwd to it. I will be racing on Sunday in the AZOT club, if anyone wants to join me!


I'll be there and we should get a good turnout for this race, alot of riders prefer Speedworld to Canyon or they only race AMX rounds. Should be plenty of competition.

Hey, have you posted any pictures of canyon yet ?


I'll be there G-Man on the new 250F in the OTMX amateur class #36 with yellow backgrounds...

Paul in AZ

The one on the cover page of my pics site is from Canyon, didn't get any more due to camera operator error! There will be some soon. http://communities.msn.com/FPilotsPhotos


Cool, I'll see you there Paul, have you ridden your bike at Speedworld yet? I was there Sunday, some guy was airvac'd out. I heard on the internet that he broke his back...bummer :)

Check out this site guys, go to "General Talk" it's pretty cool...

Tell them the G-Man sent you.....on second thought maybe not LOL



See you at Speedworld G (what's your number again?), and no I have not ridden the new 250F at Speedworld yet. I hear they are changing the track for Sundays race.

My friends son hurt both wrists on the supercross track there last weekend. Hope the other guy didn't break his back.


#21 Expert Class

My bike is Blue!


[how did everyone do at Speedworld for the 4-Stroke Nationals? We had a great time. My son took 2nd Overall in the 125 Intermediate class on his YZ250F behind Mike Blose on his YZ250F. The biggest bummer of the day was the huge crash during the 2nd moto that I believe broke one guy's leg (Mike Bloses' brother) and caused another guy to injure his back or neck.Pro action was awsome with Lamastus giving Spud a run for his money.Big turnout and lots of fun. FYI the guy that broke his back the previous Sunday was Sam Weinbach. He's a local Pro (YZ426)and a real nice guy. He's @ St. Joes Hospital in Phx. call & wish him well. He needs the support.

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