yz50f power tuner question

hey guys

can anyone tell me how to bring up total hours on the tuner when pluged into the bike ?

i am about to buy a yz450f and was told that there is a section in the tuner that allows you to see hours logged on the computer i would like to plug a tunner into the bike before i purchace so i know it has the hours the owner tells me it has

thanks in advance


Its in the monitor mode when you turn the tuner on (make sure the bike is off though) however you can reset it to default settings which puts everything (including the hrs back to 0) so if he has done this then then there is no certain way to know how many hours on it for sure.

thanks for the reply i found it out prior to reading it here but i am now the proud new owner of a yz450f with 20 hours on it nice easy way to find out the hours if they havnt reset it of course

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