07 SXF250 Engine Locked up

Hi just wanted to know if anyone has any ideas of my problem, i went out sunday practicing and as i set of onto the track my bike suddenly locked and skidding down a hill. tried to kick again but was stuck solid so therefore put bike back on trailer and it then turned over again and few more kicks it fired up but sound a bit rattly just want to know if you have an ideas on why it may have locked. Or if any one had this happen to them. any info would be great thanks rich

Did you have oil in it? Also, welcome to TT!

Does it have a dirt tricks timing tensioner or the stock one? Timing chain could have buckled maybe????

yer had a oil change before went out and also has stock tensioner so maybe in need of the ratchet type one. any other ideas thanks rich

seized cam bridge, mine did this and then released but the motor was sluggish. Took it apart and it had galled the cam bridge. I found it is somewhat common and KTM has even changed the torque specs for the part.

oh right will strip top end down anyway just to check thanks for all info any more ideas would be great :bonk:

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